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4ft x 8ft Luis Valderas           4ft x 8ft  Crystal Dittert Rodis               3ft x 4ft  Zhna Sharp


   4 ft x 6 ft Robert Tatum                  2 ft x 4 ft  K. B. Pittman                    4 ft x 8 ft Paul Karam



ALSO: Various Lithos, Woodcuts and other Prints by: Vincent Valdez, Luis Jimenez, Charles Criner, & George Yepes



                            Sold out  Pride of the Southside, $500                         

Yo Soy-ee Blaxican, lithograph 12x 19"  $500 sold out

>Vincent Valdez Gallery page 


  >Charles Criner gallery page    Charles Criner

Resident Printmaker, the Museum of Printing History, Houston, Texas 

stone lithograph printed on antique wooden press.

George Yepes: Calaveras Muse $400 


For more information on these artists, please visit: http://www.chicano-art-life.com/visprofiles.html


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