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In our Bookstore: Printmaking art books, Poetry books, Chicano art books,

bookmarks, lithographic crayons, Note cards, Postcards





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2002 StoneMetal Press Hand-Pulled Prints X $10.00


2003 StoneMetal Press Hand-Pulled Prints XI $10.00


Alms for Oblivion by Bryce Milligan $20.00


The Angel of Memory/El Angel de la Memoria by Marjorie Agosin $17.95

Baby Coyote and the Old Woman/El Coyotito y la Vieja by Carmen Tafolla $17.95


Images: Between the Lines by Stan Kaplan $20.00


Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin $29.95



Blessed Bastard A Novel of Sir Galahad by Ruth P. M. Lehmann $20.00


Candle, Te Estoy Llamando by Celeste Guzmán $12.00


Cantos Al Sexto Sol: An Anthology of Aztlanahuac Writing Edited by Cecilio Garcia-Camarillo, Roberto Rodriguez and Patrisia Gonzalez $17.95 


Lithographic Crayons $10.50


Daughters of the Fifth Sun A Collection of Latina Fiction and Poetry Edited by Bryce Milligan, Mary Guerrero Milligan and Angela de Hoyos  $15.00

Posada Reproduction Postcards 50¢ each (Various designs available)

The Haute Feline Kitty Keepbook by Allen Fahden $8.50

Bookmarks $2.50 (Various designs available)

Garabato Poems by Virgil Suarez $35.00

Initiations in the Abyss: A Surrealist Apocalypse by Jim Harter $20.00

Painting and drawing with liquid colours by Alex Bruck Used $2.50

Mi'ja Never Lend Your Mop and other poems by Brigid Milligan $12.00






Peace in the Corazón $12.00

Finding Peaches in the Desert. Poetry by Pamela Uschuk $16.00

Finding Peaches in the Desert CD with Pamel Uschuk & Chameleon. With special appearances by Joy Harjo and Dan van Kilsdonk $16.00

Precisionism in America 1915-1941 Reordering Reality by Gail Stavitsky, et. al $29.00

Instructions for Making and using Pinhole Cameras and Zone Plates $9.50

Presswork: The Art of Women Printmakers $12.95

Sonnets and Salsa by Carmen Tafolla $16.00


Seven Cigarette Story by Courtenay Martin $12.00

This Side of Skin by Deborah Paredez $16.00

Smolt by Nicole Pollentier $12.00

Splintered Silences by Greta de León $14.00

Strong Box Heart New poetry by Shelia Sánchez Hatch $14.00

Travel Alarm by Naomi Shihab Nye $20.00

Vida: new poetry by Alma Luz Villanueva $17.95

Way of Whiteness by Wendy Barker $16.00

Winter Poems from Eagle Pond by Donald Hall $50.00

Witness 9/11 by Stan Kaplan $5.00

Working the Stone by Bryce Milligan $20.00

The Days of the Dead/Los Dias de Muertos. Photography by John Freenleigh, Text by Rosalind Rosoff Beimler $25.00

Los Patios Postcard by Peggy Woods $1.00 each